Bright Day's unique Moomin Pendants brightens even grey days!

Are you a gentle and world embracing Moominmamma, a wanderlusting Moominpappa, fiery but happy Little My or a charming

Snorkmaiden? In Bright Day's new collection, you can surely find the Moomin pendant to tickle your fancy!

Wood creates a strong connection with nature

The Moomin family just like Finns, has a strong connection with nature and the environment. Inspired by Moomin valley, we embarked on a journey of discovery beyond the ocean. 

The Moominhouse was even overwhelmed with plants in one of the Moomin stories. Wooden elements of jewelry emphasize the connection with nature.

Designed and made in Finland

Bright Day's unique Moomin pendants are designed and made in Finland. 

The designer is Hermanni Vuorisalo and its produced by Bright Day (Laser Quality Markings Oy from Salo, Finland).

The pendant consists of a 925 silver chain, a wooden frame, and a titanium pendant.  The jewelry's frame is made from white oak, just like the silver chain and titanium are deeply rooted in  nature.

On the reverse side of the pendant, you will find Moomin quotes, which reflects the character traits of the Moomins and their life philosophy.

Unique laser coloring technique enables a durable colorful and exquisite details

Bright Day's Moomin pendant collection combines wood craftsmanship and complex color laser technology.

"We are able to create colorful engravings on various surfaces, which have both depth and an impressive illusion of space. Because of this tech know-how, the Moomins in our Moomin pendant are drawn exquisite and durably", says Kim Nivalinna, CEO of Bright Day. 

Kim and his team believe that some of the positive energy of the Moomins will also rub off on the wearers of the jewellery.

You can't help but love the Moomins! Moomin's positive, inclusive worldview and great joy will brighten even the greyest days!